Church Life 


At St James we offer baptism for people of all ages - children and adults.

However young or old, baptism marks the start of a journey of faith, which involves turning towards Christ, discovering His love for us, and learning to live his way.

An important aspect of baptism is that through it we become a member of the local and worldwide Christian family, the Church. It is our practice at St James, therefore, for baptism to take place within our main Sunday service at 10.30am - a time when the church family can welcome and offer its support for the newly baptized.

To find out more about Baptism on the Church of England website, please click here.

For enquiries about Baptism at St James, please contact our Vicar on 020 8301 5387


Thanksgiving Service

For those parents who would like to celebrate the birth of a baby, but do not feel ready to make the promises of Baptism, we offer the opportunity for a Thanksgiving service – again, this takes place within our Sunday Service. If you choose to have a Thanksgiving service, you can, of course, have a Baptism service for your child at a later date.

For enquiries about a Thanksgiving Service at St James, please contact our Vicar on 020 8301 5387